Founded in 1902, Delachaux Group is a world leader in several niche markets: it designs, manufactures and collaborates in some cases on the installation and maintenance of certain systems and components dedicated to the rail infrastructure sector on the one hand, and on the other hand, of products and equipment for various industrial uses, such as energy and data management systems, chromium metal and certain magnetic lifting and sorting systems. It operates in strategic sectors and provides its customers with cutting-edge industrial solutions.


Technological innovation is at the heart of the Group's strategy in order to support changes in the mobility of goods and people through two activities:



The Group's leadership is based on leading brands. With more than 3,000 employees in more than 30 countries, Delachaux is committed to the highest proximity with its customers thanks to its in-depth knowledge of their businesses and a glocal decentralized operating model.


President's Message


guy-talbourdet.jpg“Delachaux's success for more than a century has been based on first-class technical expertise and local proximity to ensure the daily satisfaction of our customers throughout the world. We are recognized for our constant innovation in the field of mobility and our technological expertise, which is based on leading brands in each of the businesses in which we operate. Driven by the commitment of the founding family at our side, our mission is based on a long-term vision and respects the values that have prevailed in the Group's development: integrity, excellence through expertise, entrepreneurial strength and innovation.”


Chairman and Chief Executive Officer



Pandrol CONDUCTIX-WAMPFLER DCX Chrome Lenoir Magnetic