The DELACHAUX Group is the world-leading specialist in Conductic systems for the transfer of electric power and the transmission of electronic data, used for mobile industrial equipment applications.

The major world markets of the Conductic Operations (trade mark:  CONDUCTIX- WAMPFLER®) are driven by the high level of growth in world trade and strong demand for high-productivity industrial equipment.


The innovative energy of Conductic Operations has enabled it to achieve 85% of its sales in international markets (Europe, North America and Asia).


Carefully targeting its respective markets such as Material Handling equipment for Ports, Mines, Plant Automation or power transfer for People Movers, Conductic Operations overcome technical challenges on a daily basis, thereby confirming its position as a world leader.


The DELACHAUX Group has also a business unit dedicated to Magnetism : lifting-handling and magnetic separation with LENOIR in France and MEC DELACHAUX in Italy.