To respond effectively to the constant growth in markets for rail infrastructure and track maintenance, DELACHAUX Group groups all together among it railway division. 

  • Fastening systems under PANDROL
  • Solutions for aluminothermic welding and flash butt welding under RAILTECH
  • Track equipment, in particular to implement our fastening systems and rail welding solutions under the brands RAILTECH, MATWELD, ROSENQVIST and VORTOK
  • Electrification solutions for metro: 3rd rail & rigid catenary
  • Control solutions for infrastructure or rolling stock from the infrastructure. 


Their main Research and Development efforts focus on simplifying product use and improving product life-cycles.


The experience and technical competence of the Railways Operations of the DELACHAUX Group are fully appreciated by the many large rail networks around the world, for whom they provide a daily  and continuous service.